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Despite the complexity, sophistication and intelligence of the IDS offering, the software and user interface are intuitive and easy to use. Designed to enable users to achieve the impossible

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In today's technology landscape the desire to integrate and control multiple pieces of equipment and systems is paramount, with the House of Worship being no different. Widespread adoption of IP and increased requirement to simplify the user experience is essential in delivering a flexible and scalable solution.

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Integrate with everything

IDS has an extensive library of device drivers supporting multiple workflows and protocols to enable the smooth transition between multiple vendor technology. Various media assets need to be controlled and aligned from a central location. This HMI is the window into a very complex solution, often managed by a volunteer or non-technical user.


Easily manage content

The House of Worship has access to multiple dynamic content streams from various locations whether on site or off premises. These could include cameras, web streams and other video sources. IDS can be configured to be your video routing panel with simple and easily identifiable sources and destinations.

Automate Workflows

IDS is not limited to just routing, within this you have the ability to customise all aspects of your chosen workflow. We have control capabilities for most cameras on the market today whether that is just to show an IP stream through IDS or to have granular live control of full PTZ functionality. 

We support Visca, Panasonic and NDI protocols so, whatever your requirement, IDS can support your needs.  Stream a sermon back to multiple locations for total pastoral engagement, cut to feeds and streams from across the campus, dynamic control of cameras from a central location - these are just some of the possibilities.


Display anywhere

A church has a large amount of technology to unify. With IDS, sermons can be structured and managed within a specific time frame. 

If you need to route a camera on the stage to a screen in reception, with IDS you can do this at the touch of a button. These video sources can be live and dynamic or pre-defined and stored so you aren’t limited to a small number of sources. IDS can ingest and display these video streams simply and efficiently.


We come to you, study your current systems and processes and make detailed recommendations on how we can help. With no obligation.


Configuring Your Solution

We create your solution in our labs, customising and testing it to your achieve your exact specifications.

Configuring your solution


Working alongside your engineers on your site, we commission or work with your SI partner or team to get the system up and running.


Ongoing Support

Constantly on hand to offer support and create changes to your system as well as offering training for your own team.

Ongoing Support

Additional Functionality

As our IDS platform develops and innovates, we’ll ensure you are kept up to date on exciting new and upgraded features. 

Additional functionality
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