NDI - A three letter name which acts much bigger than its title would suggest

As technology solutions evolve, as user demands change, workflows need to be agile and, as a leading-edge vendor, we need to scale to accommodate these changes in requirements

IDS integrates directly to NDI using core common protocols, allowing IDS to easily control all aspects of the NDI eco-system from remote production, cameras, sources/destinations and much more. Anything can be exposed through the NDI protocol and can then be managed directly through an elegant and simplified IDS user experience.

User Experience

We exploit the ability of NDI to deliver an elegant solution which enables all stages of production from start to finish. This allows all production tasks and processes to be unified and controlled under one elegant and simplified control layer. Regardless of the eco-system or workflows, the power of IDS enables you to interrogate, harvest and control systems and manipulate content to deliver a feature-rich experience for operator and users consuming the data.

The interoperability between standards allows seamless mixing between NDI and SMPTE, a truly agnostic platform to deliver maximum flexibility to any workflow.  Capture any source to listen, mix, record and edit.




With UIs designed to maximise efficiency, IDS allows a fully customisable experience for the user. The power of NDI combined with IDS allows computers, webcams, PTZ cameras and other media applications to be selected as an NDI source. This delivers an amazingly flexible offering to users.


Automate Workflows

The key to improving workflows in an operating theatre environment is in making the newly installed technology as easy to use as possible. Being a network-based system, it allows users to create and automate both critical and non-essential operations and provides the ability to route videos, control cameras, lighting, procedure checklists, record videos and live stream, all through a central hub of control. The list of what IDS can control doesn’t stop there, with the catalogue of supported 3rd party devices growing all the time.   


Birddog Cameras

Display Anywhere

With IDS as a complete eco-system, you can define where sources are delivered to and, with the IDS Remora 7 end point media player, the control and flow of dynamic content can be delivered instantly. Never before can content be streamed to so many places across a network as easily as with the collaboration between NDI and IDS. The combined toolkit is so powerful.


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