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Easy to read, responsive, reliable and high-performance displays that help to create HMI solutions that support vital work.

Technology has always been at the heart of medicine and science. From research breakthroughs to front line medical care Densitron understand just how essential and complex the needs of laboratories and the healthcare industry really are.

In ever advancing fields we help you be market reactive

Safety First

Clinical laboratory and operating theatre environments require dedicated solutions: Densitron's Solisbond optical bonding technology delivers moisture and dust ingress protection, replacing air gaps with optically clear resin.

Safety First
Anti-Bacterial Coating

Anti-Bacterial Coating

Densitron’s 10K Clean Room production facility combined with SSAB (Single Sided Anti-Bacterial Cover lenses) utilising Nano Silver eradicates up to 99.99% of common disease that cause bacteria, fungi and mould.

To find our more about our antimicrobial cover glass solutions click below.

Cover Glass Solutions

Maximum Sensitivity

We work with you to identity the perfect cover lens thickness, and our Projected Capacitive Technology is pre calibrated to ensure nitrate gloves can attain the same force as a naked finger.

MAXIMUM Sensitivity

Clarity when it Counts

Powerful backlight, ultra-wide viewing angles and a high contrast ration from our IPS technology gives excellent visibility in daylight or under the brightest theatre lights, always displaying essential information.


Leveraging existing Densitron innovations and adapting current products to suit Covid-19 testing equipment is a natural progression, and sustainable response to pandemic scenarios.

Commercially available Covid-19 tests currently fall into two major categories. The first category includes molecular assays for detection of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA with the second category including serological and immunological assays that largely rely on detecting antibodies produced by individuals exposed to the virus.

Increasingly the devices used to conduct testing are require small form factor displays and touch technology within their HMI design, for both handheld and benchtop products. The HMI must clearly display detailed information from all viewing angles and offer a degree of bacterial protection. 

Medical Monitors

Medical Displays

If you are looking for medial displays for ventilators or thermometers that can fit into your applications, Densitron can help. With a dedicated suite of display solutions tailored towards Covid-19 device OEM’s.

The family of products includes as standard:
•    IPS high quality mother glass and optics.
•    Anti-Bacterial Coatings.
•    Bespoke cover glass design.
•    3M® VHB Medical Gaskets for mechanical integration using front flush mount methodology.
•    Industrial 50k hour MTBF LED backlighting.

Application dependent options:
•    Multi-touch PCT Sensing Zero-pixel defect display

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